👋 I am Yannis.
I am 50% product designer, 50% strategist, and a little bit of entrepreneur.


I’ve worked on projects for


I specialize in digital product design, strategy, and copywriting with a strong background in branding, UI design, and 8 years of experience. Currently based in Amsterdam.


Things I’ve done.

I am currently working at Tiqets as a product designer. Previously at Bravoure as UX and lead designer, before that I co-founded and lead a digital agency for 5 years called Befoolish.

In the past few years I had the pleasure to create the new UX Strategy of ADE one of the biggest music conferences in the world. Do the digital strategy for ITA the largest theater organization in Netherlands. Art direct the new look of Awakenings, the most famous Techno music organization. Design the App, platform and Design System for Batavia, an ING startup. And rebrand Transifex one of the largest localization companies in the world.

I have also designed almost every major kind of website. E-commerce, B2B tech product, fashion and culture. Furthermore I designed multiple brand identities for various types of companies and created the social media strategy and content for Lommer, a unique bag fashion startup.

In 2015 I gave a TEDx talk about Newslexia, a visual, fast, and fun way to stay up to date with the news, created as a by-product in my agency.

Co-created the World City Icons, an extensive collection of vector city icons. Voted as #2 Product of the day on Product Hunt


What my colleagues say about me.

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